Banjo Paterson Engraving

Banjo Paterson Engraving


‘Banjo’ Andrew Barton Paterson
Australian Writer and Poet


Product Description

Andrew Barton Paterson ‘Banjo’ was born at “Narambla” near Orange, NSW, just off the twisted and dusty Bathurst to Bourke stagecoach route. His early childhood was filled with the tales of daring bushrangers, huge gold-strikes in nearby towns, and the epic stories of heroicand picaresque drovers. These colourful experiences provided an authentic and original background for his later writings, first published in 1885.

By the late 1980’s, under the pen name of  “The Banjo”, Paterson’s daydream type sentiments were reflected in big-sky, and far-off horizon stories, like that of Clancy of the Overflow.

The Australian outback legends, real or imagined, are immortalised in stories and poems from adventurers such as Paterson. In addition to his many pieces of journalism, his body of work included, a book for children The Animals Noah Forgot, and ananthology The Old Bush Songs.

Banjo’s famous poem, The Man from Snowy River is a poetic story of determination, and the wildcourage of bush-bred horses and their brave riders,  negotiating the treacherous Australian Alps. The full text of the poem is printed several times in microprint on the Australian $10 note.

Another famous poem The Man From Ironbark, tells of humorous events unfolding, when a naïve bush gent takes a trip to the city, and falls prey to a mischievous barber.